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The following list of photos is limited to two per person. Every person's full list of photos
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Portrait of Elias Gerges Majdalany
Portrait of Adele Majdalany (Geday)
Georges Elias Majdalany
Georges & Yvonne in Chtaura
Yvonne and Linda
Georges has 1 additional photo.
Georges Khoury & Family
Georges Khoury & Family (2)
Linda, Viviane & Liliane
Viviane Khoury (Chreim)
Zeina & Joelle Matar
Nadia Zeitouni (Majdalany)
Tania & Nadim Mehana
Emile Elias Majdalany
Marguerite Majdalany (Mokdessi)
La Famille d'Emile
Marguerite Majdalany (Mokdessi)
Emile has 2 additional photos.
Marguerite has 1 additional photo.
Dunia Majdalany (Nahas)
Raymond Emile Majdalany
Raymond, Dunia and son Emile
Emile Raymond Majdalany
Emile en 1981
Danielle, Karine, Emile & Christine
Mrs Liliane Traboulsi (Majdalany)
Mr Gabriel Traboulsi
Lea & Cynthia
Roger Emile Majdalany
Roger & Family
Roger Roger Majdalany
Raymond Roger Majdalany
Souleima Majdalany (Chaya)
Fouad Elias Majdalany & Family
Fouad at Work
Fouad has 1 additional photo.
Elias Fouad Majdalany & Family
Kim & Natacha Majdalany
Lina Majdalany Bakhos
Lina has 2 additional photos.


Wakim Gerges Majdalany
Wakim & Family
Anis with Emile Elias Majdalany

Mikhael and Family
Mikhael's Descendants Get-Together
Violette and Goguy
Naim Majdalany with Ghassan Toueny
Naim and Violette
Karim Shaking Hands
Karim Naim Majdalany
Rania Atiyah
Rania Atiyah (2)
Rania has 1 additional photo.
Hilda with George Brown
Nassim Greeted by Shah of Iran
Nassim with King Hussein of Jordan
Hilda with Yvonne and Jeanette
Nassim has 37 additional photos.
Hilda has 3 additional photos.
Myrna & Edouard Khawam Get Married
Myrna About to Fly Away
Myrna has 4 additional photos.
Jihane with Gardener Abou Hassan
Rana & Ralph
Ralph at Sarfad
Thatcher Meets Roy
Roy Greets George Bush
Lorna with New Daughter in Law Karin
Lorna & Roy (with a moustache!)
Roy has 1 additional photo.
Nassim & Karin's Wedding (Drinks reception)
Nassim & Karin's Wedding (drinks)
Nassim has 1 additional photo.
Michael & Nicole Just Married
Michael & Nicole Before Sunset
Nicole on Wedding Day
Michael has 1 additional photo.
Nadim with Janine and Elias Zhakharia amongst others
Naim, Nadim, Hilda Shoucair and Others
Nadim has 2 additional photos.

Gebrayel Majdalany
Edwige Amm
Labib Before Cup Presentation
Labib Wearing Very Little
Jeanne and family
Jeanne Majdalany (Comings)
Labib has 1 additional photo.
Ronald, Jane & Sarah
Jane & Sarah Majdalany
Jane Majdalany (Pittelkow)
Ronald Labib Majdalany
Sarah Majdalany
Oscar Gebrayel Majdalany & Wife Rita
Joy & Family
Joy & Family at Christmas
Alfred & Lea
Alfred & Jessica
Anita & Jessica
Lea a Cannes
Lea Alfred Majdalany
Lynn, Doris & Tracy
Gabriel, Doris, Lynn & Tracy Salamoun
Tracy Salamoun
Lynn Salamoun
Ernest Majdalany
Ernest et Famille
Ernest has 1 additional photo.
Gabriel et Diane
Colette Majdalany
Pierre & Nada
Ernest Pierre Majdalani

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