Gustavo, Gabriel e Hanrry Mejdalani

AuthornaPosted ByGustavo Luis F. Mejdalani
Date13-01-2003Date Posted1---0-2003
SourceTypeNews Item

My name is Gustavo Luis F. Mejdalani and I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I was born in 1971. My father is Hanrry Mejdalani and my grandfather was Gabriel Mejdalani. He died in the fifties. I have one brother, Gabriel Luis F. Mejdalani

My father Hanrry Mejdalani was born in Campos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 27/05/1929. He has two brothers, Antonio Mejdalani e Jorge Mejdalani, and a sister Lidia Mejdalani. Unfortunately, our uncle Jorge died in 1995. Antonio and Lidia still live in Campos. Uncle Jorge left two daughters, Rosane e Georgia Mejdalani. They also live in Rio de Janeiro.

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