ma cousine preferer22-09-2006Unknown
CORRECT INFORMATIONS26-08-2006InfoNagi Fayaf
Adnan Majdalani14-06-2006InfoRabih Salami
difficulte a introduire25-03-2006Bugphilippe
philippe majdalani24-03-2006Unknown
to Lea10-01-2006Unknown
DUPLICATE MEMBER09-11-2005Buglyne Majdalany
farid majdalany25-10-2005Infobarbara parker
Miguel Majdalani18-03-2005Unknown
Fouad Sarruf05-09-2004FeedbackJohn Toutonghi
Familia Najle (spanish) - Argentina26-07-2004Unknown
Familia Najle (spanish) - Argentina26-07-2004Unknown
Farid/Emma Majdalany17-01-2004InfoJane Howarth
Maria Cristina Majdalani16-12-2002Unknown
addittion09-09-2002Infonicholas stephen bridges EDMUNDO CARVALHO MEJDALA
Information19-05-2002FeedbackJOÃO MEJDALANI FILHO
Correction11-05-2002FeedbackAlexander Majdalany
Majdalani gaps!!!26-06-2001FeedbackNatalia Almada
Rene Majdalany's short CV05-11-2000Unknown
Nassim M. Majdalany's CV (Who's Who 1970)24-09-2000Unknown
Mini CV for Raymond Majdalany24-09-2000Unknown
Dunia Nahas Majdalany Mini CV24-09-2000Unknown
Emile Raymond Majdalany Mini CV24-09-2000Unknown
You're in our hearts Rania10-07-2000Nassim Majdalany
En tandem avec Nadim Majdalani05-05-2000L'Orient Le JourUnknown
Nassim Majdalany Appointed Board Member (arabic)03-06-1978Lebanese Official GazetteUnknown
Nassim and Kamal Jumblat Rename Soliroc to Sibline25-09-1974Lebanese Official GazetteUnknown
Decree Appointing Nassim Majdalany as Board Member (arabic)09-04-1973Lebanese Official GazetteUnknown
Israel seeks to destroy Lebanon from within and without22-09-1970Chicago TribuneWilliam Fulton
Decree Allowing Foundation of Naas Signed by Nassim (arabic)17-09-1970Lebanese Official GazetteUnknown
Nassim Acting Minister of Economics (arabic)26-08-1970Lebanese Official GazetteUnknown
N. Majdalany Acting Minister of National Economy (arabic)11-07-1970Lebanese Official GazetteUnknown
Lebanon’s foreign minister talks about refugees01-04-1970The OregonianEarly Deane
Nassim Minister of National Education & Beaux Arts (arabic)26-03-1970Lebanese Official GazetteUnknown
Ernest's CV (Who's who 1970)01-01-1970Unknown
Naïm's CV (Who's who 1970)01-01-1970Unknown
French CV for Nassim Mikhael01-01-1970Unknown
Nassim Appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs (arabic)25-11-1969Lebanese Official GazetteUnknown
Nassim Appointed Vice Prime Minister (arabic)15-01-1969Lebanese Official GazetteUnknown
Fine ‘Cello Recital Opens German Cultural Center’s New ....14-01-1968Daily StarAlvarez Bulos
Au Centre Culturel Allemand10-01-1968Le JourClaire Gebeyli
Parliamentary Goodwill Mission24-11-1966China PostUnknown
Nassim Acting Prime Minister (arabic)25-05-1965Lebanese Official GazetteUnknown
Nassim Acting Prime Minister (arabic)30-04-1965Lebanese Official GazetteUnknown
Nassim Nominated Acting Prime Minister (arabic)10-02-1965Lebanese Official GazetteUnknown
Nassim Majdalany Appointed Acting Prime Minister (Arabic)11-01-1965Lebanese Official GazetteUnknown
Note aux Tribunaux17-12-1964Le SoirUnknown
Le décret Sarkis a failli faire éclater le gouvernement12-12-1964Le SoirUnknown
Nassim Appointed Vice PM for Second Time (arabic)18-11-1964Lebanese Official GazetteUnknown
Le procès des agresseurs de M. Nassim Majdalany27-10-1964L'OrientUnknown
Tabarja Beach Club Party24-10-1964Oriental LifeUnknown
Zone Franche par Nassim Majdalany08-10-1964MagazineNassim Majdalany
Interview Avec le Député de Beyrouth30-05-1964La Revue du LibanUnknown
Interview Avec N. Majdalany à Place Debbas26-03-1964MagazineUnknown
Au Fil de L’eau… [Nassim Majdalany]05-03-1964MagazineUnknown
Nassim Nominated Acting Prime Minister (arabic)21-09-1960Lebanese Official GazetteUnknown
Nassim Appointed Vice PM for First Time (arabic)01-08-1960Lebanese Official GazetteUnknown
Pr Ernest Majdalani :un pédiatre à l'orgueL'Orient Le Jour

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