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Welcome to Majdalany.com, the living, breathing, Majdalany website.

Majdalany.com was registered in 1997, with a view to creating an interactive family website. It was launched in 2000 after a lot of hard work, patience and cooperation by several Majdalany members. Apart from the technical development work involved, several hundred photos were collected and posted on the website, and the beautifully presented and well researched Gerges tree was also added.

Although some photos are still missing, the system allows new ones to be added easily by registered users. If you're a Majdalany or a relative and your photo or name isn't there, then please go ahead and add it yourself! Not part of the Gerges tree? No problem, you can start one of your own. Rather spell Majdalany with an I instead of a Y? There's no definitive Latin spelling for this Arabic word, so you can spell it the way you prefer.

Since the site was launched back in 2000, it has received thousands of visits from all over the world. New family trees have been added, additional photos have been posted, and fascinating information about our family and related families has been shared. It has also brought many long lost friends and relatives back in touch with each other. Whilst all this is great news and the vast majority of us are glad to share this information, a few members (under 1%) have requested their details to be removed. Eventhough we ensure sensitive data such as postal addresses and home phone numbers are not made available unless added or provided by the individual concerned, we will always respect one's right for privacy and remove private information about themselves upon request.

We really hope that with your continued participation, Majdalany.com will keep on bringing branches and generations closer together, evolving for centuries to come in parallel with the Majdalany family itself.

The Majdalany.com Team

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