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To all Majdalanys in the world, wherever they are.

When I took the decision to make a family tree of Gerges Majdalany's branch, I could not figure out how much pleasure it would give me on sentimental grounds and how enriching this experience would be. I felt so close to all of you and understood the full meaning of belonging to such a wonderful family.

My only wish, now that my work is over, is to see it continued by the younger generation: namely Nassim, Michael, Nadim, Naim, Emile, Roger, Raymond, Ernesto,..... I am certain they will put all their heart to do it and enjoy seeing the family grow, their own family.

I hope every Majdalany throughout the world will feel concerned about this family tree and send any additional information they might have or come across, including on the other family branches to me at, or post it directly to the web site.

One last wish is that somebody somewhere will make us meet and discover each other. It would be a great day for all of us.

I wish you all the best.

Raymond Majdalany